Professional Services

First and foremost I am a teacher. Any course, workshop, coaching or consultant service I offer is grounded in a pedagogy of compassion; in other words,  my engagement style supports each person and community from the inside out and from the ground up.

Regardless of one’s experience with meditation, mindfulness or compassion cultivation practices, we can always use support to deepen our growth in cultivating courage, compassion and connection. Thus, growing our voice can be both a personal and professional endeavor.

Below you will find a brief description of my teaching philosophy and some of the services I provide. Please contact me with any questions or interest in working with me.

My Teaching/Facilitation Philosophy

I believe that teaching and learning occur within the context of relationships. These relationships are with the teacher-student, student-student, and student-self. If you take a course with me, you will find a safe, secure and confidential environment. This is particularly important when we are connecting our minds and bodies with the purpose to cultivate compassion for ourselves, others and the broader world.  Whenever we begin to open our hearts to connecting with ourselves and with others, we begin to grow an awareness of how we relate to our experiences. While this is liberating for many, it also can trigger our vulnerability. In my courses and workshops, this vulnerability is held with gentleness, is respected and normalized, and students can participate at their comfort level.

There is no “right” way to experience life. It is our own experience. My facilitation style promotes acceptance of your experience as it is, and respects the way in which you choose to engage in these practices and exercises. This acceptance is important to our growth. My intention for teaching any course or workshop is to embody compassion and have my facilitation style model the essence of these practices.


  • Course/Series – Below are some examples
    • Compassion Cultivation Training– This 8 week course (2-hour class) brings one through a 6 step meditation process to deepen and strengthen one’s capacity to be compassionate. It provides depth and breadth beyond any single workshop.
    • Engaged Mindfulness Meditation Group – This 8 week series (45 minutes – 1.5 hours, depends on group) that helps build or strengthen one’s mindfulness practice, introducing compassion cultivation practices.
    • Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation – 4 week course, meets 1 hour/week or a day-long workshop (6 hours to include breaks & mindful movement)
      • Sample Description: What if, when faced with difficulty and stress, we could meet life with steadiness and respond from a place of presence and compassion? Mindfulness practice is the deliberate act of paying attention to the present moment without expectations or judgment. It cultivates a deeper awareness of our inner landscape so that we have more choice in how we relate and respond to our experiences. Being present with things just as they are, even when it is unpleasant, can lessen stress and anxiety, improve relationships, and increase resiliency, joy and gratitude to name a few benefits.
    • Compassion for Others – Cultivating Common Humanity in These Challenging Times
      • Sample Description: Compassion is an action arising from our natural inclination to care for and connect with others. It requires us to turn toward suffering. With the demands of our daily lives, this action can feel overwhelming, so our tendency is to pull or look away. Yet, as Sharon Salzberg writes, “In order to do anything about the suffering of the world we must have the strength to face it without turning away.” Through meditation and dyadic exercises, this workshop will provide the space for you to begin exploring what compassion is and is not, how it arises within, and ways to strengthen your capacity to turn towards others. Cultivating compassion deepens our connection with others and the world, gifting us with the beauty of our common humanity.
  • Workshops – format will be personalized to particular audience and topics can vary widely. Below are just examples.
    • What is Meditation? Wandering Minds Want to Know
    • Open the Heart: Lovingkindness Practice
    • Meditation: Building a Daily Practice
    • Self-Compassion – Learning to Love Ourselves Just As We Are
    • Untangling Our Limiting Beliefs – Taming the Inner Critic
    • Mindful Parenting or Caregiver Group – Press Pause & Respond with PresenceĀ 
  • Coaching/Consultant Support
    • Support individuals seeking to develop a meditation practice, integrating mindfulness into daily living, and/or cultivating a compassionate mindset (online or in-person).
    • Provide short follow-up meetings to workshops – based on the needs of the participants.
    • Provide guidance to growing a culture of compassion in the workplace, classroom or home.
    • Lead guided meditation for any interested group.
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