Radical Self-Care: Exploring the Practices of Self-Compassion

6 Weeks Online, Monday evenings

7:30 – 8:30pmEST

March 14 – April 25, No Class 4/11

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Offered through The Center for Continuing Education

Self-compassion is not a passive practice; it is both fierce and tender. It is a practice that cultivates courage, resilience, acceptance, and love. Prioritizing the wellness of our inner lives is a radical act for many of us. It requires a willingness to show up for ourselves, especially when it is most difficult. As our self-compassion grows, so does our compassion for others. Genuinely caring for our well-being is essential to sustaining our care for others.

Participants will explore the 3 components of self-compassion (mindfulness, common humanity and self-kindness) and experience the radical practice of showing up for themselves. Each session will begin with a brief talk followed by meditation, reflective exercises, and sharing. Participants will leave each session with both an informal practice to bring into their daily lives and a recorded guided meditation. No meditation experience is required. 

Poetry As Meditation: The Wisdom of Our Hearts

Mark Nepo Poem (1)
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6 Weeks In-Person, Thursdays

10:00am – 11:00amEST

March 17 – April 28, No Class 4/14

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Offered through The Center for Continuing Education

Are you seeking some inspiration? Are you looking to start or revive a meditation practice? Are you wanting to be more present for your life? Try this unique meditation class that uses poetry to cultivate loving awareness and embodied presence.


Each session is guided by an inspiring poem about living an awakened life. The poem is used to prime the heart and mind as participants are guided in meditation where they are encouraged to meet life up close and listen deeply within. There will be opportunities for written reflection, sharing and questions. No meditation experience required.

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