Lovingkindness Notes

Please read my post about this inspiration behind this card deck.

Over 35 decks have been sent to people around the country!!  Please grow lovingkindness by sharing a deck with a loved one, a friend, or someone who needs some inspiration. Use the the hashtag #lovingkindnessnotes on social media to share these daily aspirations and inspirations with your online community.

If you would like to purchase decks online, please click below. If you live locally, you can purchase them at a lower cost at Hidden Realms Wellness.

Lovingkindness Notes Card Deck

Daily support for cultivating a loving, kind heart and mind. Includes 25 cards, suggested uses, meditation & 2 blank cards. Printed on card stock, 2" x 3.5" size cards.


If you would like to purchase via a personal check, please contact me.

Lovingkindness is the heartfelt wish for the well-being and happiness of ourselves and others. This practice is grounded in our intention. We do not need to force a certain feeling when practicing because it is within the intention that we cultivate a loving, kind heart and mind. The intention is the planting; over time, the seeds grow roots.

These cards provide intentions and aspirations that support our deliberate cultivation of a loving, kind heart and mind. Here are a some suggestions for their use:

  1. Choose a card & spend a few minutes thinking about what it means for you or for someone else.
  2. Use this 5 minute meditation to support the cultivation of this heartfelt wish for well-being. Or, follow these steps to guide yourself for any length of time.
    • Begin by finding a comfortable upright position.
    • Close your eyes or choose a downwards gaze.
    • Take 3 deep cleansing breaths through your nose, filling your belly, and out through your mouth.
    • Now breathe naturally through your nose only.
    • Spend a minute or more focusing on your breath. Your mind will inevitably wander, that is ok. When you notice this, gently direct your attention back to your breath. As thoughts arise, let them float away like clouds.
    • For self​: Place your hand(s) on your heart. For other​: Picture that person.
    • Now, silently & slowly repeat the phrase(s) for yourself or for your chosen person. Let the words embrace you with tenderness & warmth. Do this for at least 2 minutes.
    • As you end the meditation, dedicate this moment of kind & loving stillness to both your own & others’ well-being & happiness.
  3. Try to use this card as a guide throughout your day.
  4. Post the card somewhere you will see it as a reminder to yourself or others. Use #lovingkindnessnotes if posting online.
  5. Create your own phrase using the blank cards.

May you deepen your connection with yourself and others through the use of these cards.

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