Sunday Morning Meditations

These meditations are offered freely in support of the cultivation of courage, compassion and connection for ALL beings. At times, there is some background noise as these are recorded from my lively home. Also, some meditations have more guidance than others. 

5.2.21 Recording
Loving-kindness meditation – begin with poem “Self-Love” by Lang Leav. I guide us through sending loving kindness to two loved ones, receiving it back from these loved ones, sending it to ourselves, sending it those sitting together during the recording, and sending it out to the world. Ends with invitation to set intention for the day – How can I hold myself with loving-kindness today?
4.25.21 Recording
“What if this was enough?” is the question that guides us into experiencing our lives just as it is without striving, without needing to achieve anything even in the meditation itself. I share the poem “Enough” by David Whyte and a brief passage from Mark Nepo’s Book of Awakening
4.18.21 Recording
Begins with a quote from Dr. Susan David’s book Emotional Agility, guide in the 9 magic breaths (an informal letting go process), sharing of poem “The Cure For it All” by Julia Fehrenbacher as inspiration and invitation to cultivate presence and acceptance of what is true for us in the moment, closing with a passage from Mark Nepo. 
4.11.21 Recording
This meditation begins with a 10 minute+ body scan, then the sharing of the poem “Questions to Consider When Waking” by Bernadette Miller as inspiration, and after a bit of silence I guide us in loving-kindness meditation. 
Briefly, in loving-kindness practice, our object of attention is two-fold: we imagine someone and we send them general wishes of well-being, such as May you be happy, May you live with ease, May you be healthy. To learn more about it this practice, check out the 3rd session in my 8 week Engaged Mindfulness Series
4.4.21 Recording
Day 4 of April’s Week of Awakening. Share poem by David Whyte “Blessing for the Morning Light” as a means to tune into our body and opening our hearts to access our inner wisdom.
3.21.21 Recording
Begins with settling the mind and body. Share a quote from Mark Van Buren focused on accepting yourself just as you are right now.  Ends with a passage from Richard Wagamese’s book Embers and the question – What is it about being human that you are most grateful? (Some birds chirping in the background.)
3.14.21 Recording
The first meditation of these weekly meditations. We begin with anchoring our attention – some guidance in choosing an anchor. “Just for Now” poem by Dana Faulds. Ends with an invitation to set an intention to guide you through the day.
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