Guided Sits & Workshops

Meditation teaches us to open our attention 
to all of human experience and all parts of ourselves. 
~ Sharon Salzberg

Upcoming Event

Free Meditation Support

Available by Appointment

Start your day with guided, breath/body-focused meditation, and/or compassion & loving-kindness meditation.

We can discuss & share challenges and benefits of your practice, ways to bring a more present awareness and compassion into daily life.

Please contact me if you’d like to sit together in-person, or via phone or Zoom. This can be individually or with a small group.

Past Workshops

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Are you interested in learning more about mindfulness meditation or compassion? Please join me for these workshops (length varies) where you will be introduced to meditative processes that cultivate mindfulness and compassion. We will explore the skill of non-judgmental awareness as we attend to and befriend our breath. We will explore what compassion is and is not, and the benefits and challenges of developing a daily meditation practice. You will leave with “on the go” practices and access to guided meditations.

Each workshop will be slightly different to address the intentions and needs of each group as well as to create a community of practitioners. This is a time to explore and experiment with these heart opening practices and customize them to fit into your lifestyle. This workshop is for all levels.

Here’s an example of a course I taught…after two weeks in-person went virtual due to Covid-19.

Lovingkindness Workshop

Lovingkindness is the heartfelt wish for the well-being of ourselves and others. It is sometimes described as an open-hearted friendliness. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the meditative process of metta or lovingkindness. We will explore the benefits of integrating this practice into one’s daily meditation to further cultivate compassion. Participants will leave with a deck of Lovingkindness Notes and access to guided meditations to support daily practice. The workshop is geared towards participants with some experience with mindfulness and meditation.

Introduction to Mindfulness and Compassion Cultivation Practices for Educators and Childcare Professionals*

Bring your curious mind as you join this 2-3 hour workshop on growing compassion for yourself and for others!

Compassion comes from our natural inclination to care for and connect with others. Sometimes our desire to help others can become a source of stress. This stress can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, anger and frustration, and can create conflicts with others and within ourselves. This workshop introduces you to techniques and benefits of breath focused and compassion meditation as tools to managing stress and interpersonal connections. Through a variety of exercises, we will explore ways meditation and “on the go” compassion practices can deepen one’s awareness of self and others, and nurture one’s capacity to connect compassionately while avoiding empathic distress.

This workshop does not require you to have experience with meditation or compassion practices. 

If interested in bringing this workshop to your staff, please contact me.

Facebook Review: I just want to say a massive thank you to Wendy Duart Heckert for an amazing training she presented to my staff at the KEEPS Afterschool Program. Her words and techniques regarding cultivating compassion for ourselves and others are truly spot on. It is so important, especially in these turbulent times, to remember that we share the common thread of humanity and how we deal with that fundamental idea will bring change and peace. We are lucky to have someone like this is our community! ~ Noreen Corcoran, Director 

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