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I began my meditation journey in 2015 out of desperation to thrive instead of survive. It felt as though I had lost my voice long ago. Whose life had I been living? I was stuck on the treadmill to do more, to be more, and yet never achieving enough to feel content or satisfied; I knew deep within that this was unsustainable. This longing for relief from chronic stress and perfectionism, and to live with joy and peace led me down a path of what I call heartfulness, the integration of compassion and mindfulness into daily life. 

Mindfulness + Compassion = Heartfulness

I embarked courageously on an inner healing/growth journey that has beautifully shifted the way in which I engage with life. In an effort to share these heartfulness practices, I have become a trained mindfulness meditation and compassion teacher, and a trained mentor supporting others along their heartfulness journey – to free the mind, awaken the heart and trust in themselves. 

Please find more about my story and training here.

Our lives are interconnected, so our inner work is always in service of the collective. We do not walk alone. This is the reason this site is called Growing Our Voice rather than “your voice.” It is my hope that we relinquish the belief in our separation and find the courage to connect with a compassionate heart. This is how we ALL flourish. Click here to read about the Guiding Principles: courage, compassion, connection. 

Enjoy looking around and please reach out if I can be of heartful service!

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I have been meditating for many years, and am always grateful to be able to still my thoughts and just “BE”, but that doesn’t happen as often as I would like! There is something about the way Wendy guides us in meditation that helps me get to a place where my thoughts slow way down, and I can really sink into my body. Her gentle pacing and thoughtful use of poetry, transport me to a welcomed arrival of the present. The compassion that Wendy invites into the space can be felt on a physical, emotional and mindful level, for myself as well as others. Wendy is a soulful gift to your healing practice of self-compassion, and to building a compassionate community. ~ Kris B.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the guidance and meditation practices Wendy has provided. My participation in the space she held weekly allowed me to slow down, breathe in, and move through the unchartered day-to-day world we live in with more purpose and self-love. It was a gentle reminder of how intricately self-compassion is linked to mindfulness.~ Rhonda M.
Thank you for providing this space and service to women. Even though it was only part of my life for a couple of months, I came to look forward to it. I felt the benefits of this group for days afterward. I would remain peaceful and centered, and feel better equipped to get to that quiet space on my own. ~ Daisy B.
Wendy has been my mentor for close to a year and during this time I have found her to be dedicated, compassionate, and an expert in her field. I always feel more balanced and inspired after spending time with Wendy and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking support and guidance in mindfulness, meditation and compassion. ~ Rebecca L.
Wendy created a safe and nurturing space to continue my healing journey. Each week, we learned a new way to practice recovery and had the opportunity to reflect in a peaceful and positive way about our experiences. So grateful to have been a part of this fortunate group of women. ~ Kristin R.
Wendy has inspired such incredibly deep healing and growth in my life. Not only has she shown up with so much love and support in our time together, but she has also given me the insight and tools to allow me to embody self love and compassion for myself throughout my journey. I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful to have her as a mentor, during and after our sessions I always feel so much lighter and full of love. ~ Amethyst Rose
Working with Wendy has been such a gift! She held a safe space for me to find the places in my life that were stuck. She supported me through deep listening and through her calm presence. I loved that I never felt like I was being told what to do, rather I was aided in learning how to find the stillness necessary to find my inner guide. ~ Marika H.
Holding space with Wendy through her guided meditation has been such a joy! I could be coming off a stressful week but once I join her weekly group all the stress falls away. Just reminding me to breathe and clear my head has allowed me to slow down and remember what’s important. Thank you Wendy for creating such a loving and peaceful space. ~ Peggy F.
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