May we relinquish the belief in our separation and find the courage to connect with a compassionate heart.

Welcome to Growing Our Voice! This site, created by Wendy Heckert (Ed.D.), aims to share quality and accessible resources with those interested in learning about mindfulness and compassion meditation practices. Therefore, deepening our common humanity so that we choose to actively engage in creating an inclusive and just world.

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The above infographic is quick guide to help support grounding in the moment. This is especially helpful during moments of stress. You can use it to shift your perspective whether by choosing how to move forward or by savoring an ordinary moment (for more info on Growing Good, check out Dr. Rick Hanson’s work).


This handout introduces the basics of these transformational practices. Mindfulness gives rise to compassion and compassion strengthens the inner resource of mindfulness. Meditation is the gym for the mind and heart.

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