Gratitude: A Two Minute Practice

Supportive Practice

Try this brief practice as part of your formal meditation practice or as a daily practice. It can be as long or short as you want it. I have found it particularly useful to do after a long day.

The Practice

Pause. Take a full deep breath in drawing the air all the way down into your belly. Exhale out the mouth like a deep sigh (even add sound, trust me it feels great). Do this as many times as you need to settle your body.

Let the breath find it’s natural pace.

Now close your eyes if that’s supportive and visualize a moment this week where someone did something that helped you. It can be super small and may not have been directed specifically at you.

Now silently thank the person as you replay the experience and the effect.

Notice how your body feels as you recall this experience and send your gratitude outwards.

Savor this moment for 30 seconds to integrate it into your body. Take another breath in and out.

Open your eyes. Notice what has shifted for you. How does the heart feel? The body? How do you want to move forward with your day?

May this practice keep you warm as you go out and engage with the world (even if it’s from your couch).

Read Cultivating Connection: Growing Gratitude & Generosity to learn more about gratitude.

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