Connected Heart Micro-Practice

For quite awhile now I have been engaging in micro-practices that connect me to my heart’s wisdom. There are many ways one can engage in micro-practices, so I encourage you to play with this concept.

A micro-practice as I am defining it here is a very brief and small action that one can engage in daily with the intention to connect with oneself. 

These practices are a way to grow a new habit and/or disrupt an unsupportive habit, a way to rewire the brain toward self-compassion. The practice can be physical or psychological, although I have found a combination to be (em)powerful. 

The following is one example of a micro-practice that uses the body and mind as a means to connect to the heart. Again, I encourage you to play with this practice, modify it to meet your body and life situation (there are suggested modifications at the end).

Remembering Goodness in Child's Pose

Step 1: Every night before climbing into bed, grab a mat (or the carpet and even bed works, too) take 2 deep, slow, conscious breaths and move SLOWLY into child’s pose (click here for brief instructions on the pose from the Mayo Clinic).

Step 2: As you rest in this position, feel your body being held by the Earth. Feel the breath move through the body as it opens through this gentle stretch. You will likely notice how much of the day’s busyness is stuck in the body. Bring a kind awareness to how much the body worked today and allow it to release.

Step 3: Bring to mind one good moment from the day and allow the sense of “goodness” to soak into the body like water soaks into a sponge, or marinate the heart in it.

"Goodness" Defined

This word can be confusing and bring up doubt (what is good? Is this good?). See if you can drop the baggage with this word. And consider a moment that may have seemed fleeting like receiving a smile from someone, but actually gave you a glimmer of joy or feeling of “that’s nice.” OR, perhaps there is an intention you have set around self-care or self-compassion and you want to recall a way you supported yourself today. Bring it to mind and tell yourself, “Thank you for caring for me. You did it!” Use whatever words are helpful in savoring in a moment of “goodness.”

Step 4: Take another deep breath and slowly move out of child’s pose.

Encouragement: This practice can be 60 seconds. You can not do child’s pose and simply sit in bed and complete all the steps. Commit to engaging in this practice every night for a set amount of days and see how it impacts you. Then consider continuing it and turning it into a non-negotiable and compassionate routine.


Like any suggestion offered, we must make it our own. Here are some ways to modify this practice. I cannot stress enough to LISTEN and TRUST yourself!!! You know what you need!

Do the same steps in a seated or reclined position either on the bed, on a couch or in a chair.

Instead of calling upon a moment of “goodness,” play an inspirational song and marinate in the music.

Engage in this practice in the morning or anytime during the day.

Please share below or on Instagram how you have engaged in this practice and/or its impact on your. Wishing you well-being!

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