One-on-One Mentoring

Connecting With the Heart = Courageous & Compassionate Living

The quality of every relationship we will ever have begins with the quality of our relationship with our self. Having a committed and compassionate relationship with our self means staying present to our experience of life without turning away when it gets difficult. It means learning to trust our authentic self over our conditioning. It means aligning our outer actions with inner listening. And it means having tools for seeing through the myth of separation to the love that is always there.

What is mentoring? Guidance and encouragement in self-managing personal and spiritual development. Mentoring draws on experience, knowledge and intuition. It focuses on applying knowledge to practice and offering guidance along that journey. While it is not psychotherapy, it can be a meaningful addition to therapy. 

Who is mentoring for? Here are 4 possible reasons to work with me:

  1. You want to begin a meditation practice with guidance from an experienced teacher and practitioner.
  2. You already have or had a practice and looking for inspiration, encouragement and/or guidance in deepening or reinvigortating your practice.
  3. You want to start or have embarked on a healing/inner growth journey and want to integrate meditation and/or heartfulness practices (i.e. mindfulness and compassion) to further support and guide this journey.
  4. You feel a bit stuck, lost, stressed or overwhelmed and want to share and explore this with someone in a safe, compassionate and trauma-sensitive space.
  5. For Educators- Due to my in-depth knowledge and experience of schools and teaching, mentoring with me can provide guidance on both a personal and professional level.

Who has mentored with me? People looking to bring a mindfulness and compassionate lens to their experience with

  • chronic stress and burnout
  • loss and grief 
  • addiction, co-dependency, perfectionism
  • parenting
  • relationships
  • everyday life

What does a session look like? This will vary based on each person’s unique situation and will likely change over time. In general, we would begin with a brief grounding practice to get in touch with what is present in the moment. Space will be open to allow the mentee to direct the flow of the session. This may be based on agreed upon goals, at home practices, or arising needs from last session. 

I see each person as the expert of their lives and engage with each person by

  • deep listening
  • validating one’s lived experience
  • helping one access and trust their inner wisdom
  • helping one befriend and love oneself without condition through practices of self-compassion
  • providing opportunities to experience the liberating nature of daily meditation & intention setting practice tailored to each person’s unique life situation

Session Lengths – sessions are scheduled based on the needs and time commitment of each person. Sessions can be scheduled from 30-60 minutes.

Session Cost – it is important to me that anyone who wants to engage in inner healing and growth, in the practice of meditation, is not limited by their financial circumstance.  I offer mentoring on a sliding scale based on frequency and length of meeting time. This can be discussed at the end of the exploration call.

 Free Exploration Callcontact me for your free 30 minute session to explore what you are looking for and if/how I can be of compassionate service to you.

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