The Echo of Kindness

Standing at the edge of the mountain
Two hands cupped around my mouth,
Where do I belong? I shout.
Right here! The echo returns.
What is my purpose? I call back.
To love! The echo sings
As the chirp of the birds,
The rustling of the trees,
The dance of the clouds
Gently move my hands from my mouth to over my heart.

The clouds form into pictures of my loved ones, my friends, my neighbors, my community, my country, the Earth.
As I stand there still, I know I am not alone.
I know what I have to do.
With hands over my heart, I walk down the mountain
Into the bustling city
Smiling at every person I pass.
And when a smile is returned, I hear the echo of kindness
Become louder and louder inside and out.

The gesture may be small,
It may seem imperfect,
It may even be rejected.

Nonetheless, we must be courageous
And open our hearts, over and over again.
For each offering cultivates a connection between the hearts of others,
And the heart of the Earth.

And the echo of kindness will be heard around the world. 

Written by Wendy Heckert

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