Engaged Mindfulness Series

Welcome to this 8 week series on engaged mindfulness. Each session can be experienced on its own; however, they are best if experienced in order. The three themes are courage, compassion and connection.

Click on each title to access the written post, which includes both the guided meditations and informal practices.

May this series help you to build and strengthen your mindfulness practice and grow your compassionate heart. Please reach out with questions or to share with me the impact of these practices.

Introduction to series: Why Practice Mindfulness & Compassion During These Challenging Times

Cultivating Courage

Talk 1: Finding Refuge in the Body & Breath

Guided Practice – Finding Refuge in the Body & Breath

Talk 2: Listening With Kind Curiosity & Loving Presence

Opening Practice – settling the mind and body
Guided Practice – Listening with Kind Curiosity and Loving Presence

Cultivating Compassion

Talk 3: Open Our Hearts – Lovingkindness for Our Loved Ones & Selves

Opening Practice – Intention Setting
Lovingkindness for a Loved One or Friend

Talk 4: (Self) Compassion: Strengthening Our Inner Ally

Opening Practice – Grounding & Lovingkindness Practice
Guided RAIN Practice

Talk 5: Embracing Our Common Humanity

Opening Practice – Held in Love
Guided Practice – Cultivating Common Humanity
Guided Lovingkindness Practice – Seeing Beyond the Mask

Talk 6: Active Compassion: The Agency of Inner Practice

Opening Practice – Grounding & Reflection
Guided Practice – Tonglen

Cultivating Connection

Talk 7: Growing Gratitude & Generosity

Opening Practice – Reflecting on Our Gifts
Guided Practice – Growing Gratitude & Generosity

Talk 8: Sharing Joy

Opening Practice – Body, Mind and Heart Check-In
Guided Practice – Sharing Joy

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