3 Breaths Practice

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I love this self-care tip from Mindful Magazine if you’re feeling anxious, stressed or dread about the upcoming work or school week. It can be applied to anytime you experience these feelings. 

This is great for adults and kids.

It’s only 3 breaths/steps

  • Breath 1. Bring your full attention to breathing
  • Breath 2: Relax the body, drop your shoulders
  • Breath 3*: Ask yourself: What’s important right now? Or, what do I need to support myself?

*If you’re helping your child with these 3 breaths you can help them ask: what would be a fun thing to do right now? If they don’t know, a great go to is, “would you like a hug?” 

Taking a break or a step back (not denying, ignoring or even trying to change it) from the uncomfortable feeling can create space enough to see it differently. Acknowledging the feeling non-judgmentally and with kind curiosity is key. Using the breath to relax the body to create that space can make a huge difference in deciding how to support yourself.

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