I Do Not Walk Alone – A Poem

I Do Not Walk Alone

It is quiet in the early morning

As the flowers awaken

With the gentle touch of the sun.

Stillness, dawn’s melody,

Calls the Earth’s creatures to join

The harmony of now.

I sense the time to rise

By the soft day’s light

Peaking through the sides of closed curtains.

An exhale in minor E 

Adds a chorus to the morning’s orchestra

Conducting my achy self to stand and dress.

Loneliness clothes my body

Longing adorns my heart

Still damp from the evening’s tears.

With squinted eyes, I glance out the window

Within a moment I can see clearly what

Nature’s community reminds me.

I do not walk alone

Even when my path appears empty.

What are appearances anyway?

Illusions of the mind?

Tricksters of one’s eyes?

What do I believe I see?

Can I notice all things?

Explore what’s beneath the storyline?

“Yes,” I bellow out

In response to nature’s offering

To walk uncloaked out the door.

Guided by the generous breath of the trees 

The gritty ground between my toes

Each shifting step savored.




I do not walk alone

Even when my path appears empty.

2 thoughts on “I Do Not Walk Alone – A Poem

  1. Thanks for the gritty reality and the combination of sharing both the struggle and the hope here Wendy. And thanks for letting us have the link to see your creation. May you be well, you who belong with us. William

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