Week of Awakening: 11 Monthly Teachings in 2021

Week of Awareness (1)

In February 2021, I began sharing monthly teachings via social media posts to encourage us to awaken our hearts, to wake up to our lives, to minimize the amount of time we sleepwalk or spend in the past or future. These teachings took place during the first 7 days of each month. Below you will find links to each month’s teaching along with the general theme. My wish for us is to develop a kinder relationship with our inner life, to inspire us to listen to the wisdom of our heart, to uncover our authentic self, and grow our voice. 

Perhaps, this is a lot to ask of this medium, but it is important to me to make these practices accessible. I try to present the profound practices of mindfulness and compassion through the use of poetry, quotes and stories, as well as present guidance via written and audio to encourage meditation. May this heartful effort help us grow our inner resources and inspire us to keep waking up to our “one wild and precious life” (Mary Oliver, from “The Summer Day”).

See Me As Your Mindfulness Resource

Please contact me if you would like support in your practice, tailored to your unique life situation. I am happy to connect with you via email, call, or Zoom. Please share any questions about practice or what resources may support your current needs. 

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