The Way of the Warrior-Healer

Healing is the way of the warrior –

brave. fierce. intentional.

It’s revolutionary to witness one’s inner world –

to push open the rickety, old gates housing

the forgotten, the harmed, the confused, the fearful;

where one hears the cries of craving to be seen;

where often those who enter tremble and turn their backs.

Healing is the way of the warrior – 

requiring a courage that can withstand any battle with change.

Who engages intimately with those parts of self hidden to the social eye.

sitting. listening. validating.

holding. nurturing. encouraging.

forgiving. letting be. letting go.

This is the way of the warrior-healer.

Led by a deep wisdom that intuits the maps of the past are outdated;

showing the hidden a new way to live,

how to replenish and repair their deforested, eroded land.

The warrior-healer is me, is you, is we;

together, we can move in warrior pose

rebuilding our inner worlds

so it may be so for the collective.

The way of the warrior-healer is calling us.

Will you open your gate?

Don’t Wait!

Take in the view of the landscape

one blink at a time;

bend down and touch tenderly the ground,

opening the heart to hear the land speak –

you need you,

we need you.

Hold my hand and

walk the way of the compassionate hearted one.

We are warrior-healers.

Carers of our lands.

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