Exploring the 4Rs: Rest, Release, Relief, Renew

Mondays, December 12th & 19th @ 8pmEST

Online via Zoom

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Please join me for two 60 minute live sessions (at least 25 minute meditation each) where we will explore in more depth the supportive practice of the 4Rs

All participants will receive recordings of the meditations and a follow-up email summarizing the discussion as well as the “daily life” practice.

Session 1 will explore the idea of “rest” as a mindfulness and compassion practice within a culture that promotes busyness, striving, and production as evidence of one’s worthiness or happiness. We will explore how we relate to this idea of “rest,” how it is core to our meditation practice, and ways to integrate into daily life. We will also explore what it means to release our conditioning around busyness, bring a gentle curiosity to our thought patterns, and ways to let be and let go in the moment.

All human beings carry tension in the mind that inhibits them from living their best life. But, fortunately, the tension that accumulates can also be released. Healing is when you intentionally decrease the tension you carry in your mind.

~ yung pueblo, lighter

Session 2 will begin with some reflection on the “daily life” practice from the previous week. We will then explore somatically how the practices of rest and release can provide relief in the body and mind. This leads to renew – an opportunity to open and perhaps connect with the extraordinary nature of life even in the midst of the ordinary. It is a way to bring loving kindness and compassion to our experience.

The 4Rs are an accessible way to approach meditation or to purposefully pause during the day. It is way to guide one’s attention into the body and to allow ease to arise through loving awareness. 

Rest is a radical act of self-care and self-compassion!

This group is offered freely. However, donation to my work is welcome anytime. Your generosity allows me to make these offerings accessible to everyone regardless of financial situation.

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