One Minute Meditation

Simple Supportive Practice (SSP) Being mindful means staying present in this moment as it is, moment after moment, rather than daydreaming, ruminating, or being distracted. The sustained present-moment awareness of mindfulness is easy – for a breath or two in a row. The key is to stay mindful – which, as much research has shown,Continue reading “One Minute Meditation”

Rest in Love

Simple Supportive Practice (SSP) When we are faced with enormous suffering like the reality that 500,000+ people have died due to this pandemic and their families are left grieving, how do we do not lose hope? How do we maintain and cultivate our capacity to respond with compassion and care? We can ask ourselves, “WhatContinue reading “Rest in Love”

We Hear You! – A Compassionate Response

A Wisdom Walk Insight As I went on a Wisdom Walk this morning, I kept hearing these words echo throughout my mind. As I walked, I allowed these words to be felt in my body and enter my heart. What was it about these words and the context in which they were shared that hadContinue reading “We Hear You! – A Compassionate Response”

Week of Awakening – February

Simple Supportive Practices (SSPs) Today is the day to wake up to your life! For the first week of February 2021, I shared a daily post on both Instagram and Facebook. Each day of the week was given an alliterative name and was accompanied by a mindful musing and/or practice. Below you will find theseContinue reading “Week of Awakening – February”

The Compassion Circle

A Simple Supportive Practice (SSP) I received this card from my brother and sister-in-law recently. I admit that it made me cry. Like so many, I have not seen family members in person for a long time. Even in the best conditions, we can experience feelings of loneliness. In a pandemic where many of usContinue reading “The Compassion Circle”

Gratitude: A Two Minute Practice

A Simple Supportive Practice (SSP) Try this brief practice as part of your formal meditation practice or as a daily practice. It can be as long or short as you want it. I have found it particularly useful to do after a long day. The Practice Pause. Take a full deep breath in drawing theContinue reading “Gratitude: A Two Minute Practice”

Mindful of the Mundane

A Simple Supportive Practice (SSP) I randomly chose this card this morning before my morning sit. It shares this simple wisdom of Thich Nhat Hahn. It made me smile because it reminded me that formal meditation practice is great but the real work comes in bringing mindfulness to the mundane – to every day activitiesContinue reading “Mindful of the Mundane”

Heart Space: A Meditation Poem

The object of meditation isn’t to change ourselves, to throw out the old and bring in the new. It’s about making friends with ourselves, meeting each and every part of our lives with curiosity and compassion. Frank Ostaseki, The Five Invitations And belonging is our true nature. Sebene Selassie, You Belong: A Call for ConnectionContinue reading “Heart Space: A Meditation Poem”