Healing Self-Doubt

The following poem was written during an inspiring writing workshop with Yung Pueblo, the author of Lighter. One of the prompts he provided was write about victory – how you know your healing is true.  Earlier in the day during a mentoring session, the experience of self-doubt came up. This experience has become a theme inContinue reading “Healing Self-Doubt”

Entering the New Year – Contemplative Reflection & Conscious Intention Setting

This piece is the first of a year-long series of monthly meditation talks and practice. For more information and to participate in the live event, go to Walking the Path of Heartfulness in 2023. Experience is our teacher – We all know this and yet we forget this often. We are moving through the worldContinue reading “Entering the New Year – Contemplative Reflection & Conscious Intention Setting”

The Way of the Warrior-Healer

Audio of Poem Reading Healing is the way of the warrior – brave. fierce. intentional. It’s revolutionary to witness one’s inner world – to push open the rickety, old gates housing the forgotten, the harmed, the confused, the fearful; where one hears the cries of craving to be seen; where often those who enter trembleContinue reading “The Way of the Warrior-Healer”

Relational Mindfulness Mentoring

The quality of every relationship we will ever have begins with the quality of our relationship with our self. Having a committed and compassionate relationship with our self means staying present to our experience of life without turning away when it gets difficult. It means learning to trust our authentic self over our conditioning. ItContinue reading “Relational Mindfulness Mentoring”

The 4Rs: A Heartfulness Practice

download jpeg as a reminder Sometimes we just need to a moment to gather our attention, to take a break from the pressure to keep moving, doing, producing, performing. Do you ever just want to Rest? Even when we hear the voice There’s no time to rest, it’s essential to our wellbeing to ignore this voiceContinue reading “The 4Rs: A Heartfulness Practice”

Deep Vocal Sigh Practice

Came upon this quote today (above) as I was listening to Atlas of the Heart written and read by Brene Brown (worth the read; audible version is amazing!) and felt validated! I sent the quote to my partner and said, “This is why I sigh!”  Throughout my adult life, I have been a “sigher.” WheneverContinue reading “Deep Vocal Sigh Practice”

Borrowing Joy Practice

Sometimes it can be difficult to feel or experience joy, especially when there is so much suffering in the world and perhaps in our lives. And yet, without joy our hearts can become malnourished. So how might we feast on joy when we may not even have a crumb? We borrow it! Just like weContinue reading “Borrowing Joy Practice”

Box Breathing – Lovingkindness Style

Supportive Practice Box breathing is a popular practice for calming the body and mind, bringing yourself into ease. I find it to be a lifesaver when experiencing reactivity, anxiety, stress, cravings, anger, any type of disregulation (feeling uncentered or imbalanced).  Box breathing is VERY simple! It’s free! You have do it anywhere, anytime without anyoneContinue reading “Box Breathing – Lovingkindness Style”

Hand in Hand Practice

Supportive Practice Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash Pause and find a comfortable posture Take a couple of deep breaths to settle the body and mind Contemplate this question – what is one thing in your life that you can rely, that is constant in your life, that is always present for you regardless ofContinue reading “Hand in Hand Practice”