Virtual Reality Glasses: Second in the Series “Hear Their Voices”

This series, Hear Their Voices: Young People as Our Teachers, features writings by people ages 5-18 who want to inspire our society to become more compassionate, more understanding, more focused on peace and justice. This next piece reminds me of an inspirational statement by the renowned Zen Buddhist, Thich Nhat Hahn. He wrote,

Deep listening and loving speech are wonderful instruments to help us arrive at the kind of understanding we all need as a basis for appropriate action. You listen deeply for only one purpose–to allow the other person to empty his or her heart. This is already an act of relieving suffering. To stop any suffering, no matter how small, is a great action of peace. The path to end suffering depends on your understanding and your capacity to act without causing harm or further suffering. This is acting with compassion, your best protections.

Sophia Fasolino is only 7 years old, a second grader who loves to write. She loves playing with her sister and her friends. She is an avid baker, artist, and enjoys time with her family.

Her words can change the world! Her voice emanates compassion. Her words inspire us to listen deeply and to change our actions. It is with great honor that I share her words.

Virtual Reality Glasses

By Sophia Fasolino, 7 years old

Say there were virtual reality glasses and inside there was a world, this world had no guns, sticks or fighting. Just peace. Peace and harmony. They all worked together.

Maybe we can change the virtual reality glasses to life.


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