Entering the New Year – Contemplative Reflection & Conscious Intention Setting

This piece is the first of a year-long series of monthly meditation talks and practice. For more information and to participate in the live event, go to Walking the Path of Heartfulness in 2023. Experience is our teacher – We all know this and yet we forget this often. We are moving through the worldContinue reading “Entering the New Year – Contemplative Reflection & Conscious Intention Setting”

Deep Vocal Sigh Practice

Came upon this quote today (above) as I was listening to Atlas of the Heart written and read by Brene Brown (worth the read; audible version is amazing!) and felt validated! I sent the quote to my partner and said, “This is why I sigh!”  Throughout my adult life, I have been a “sigher.” WheneverContinue reading “Deep Vocal Sigh Practice”

Borrowing Joy Practice

Sometimes it can be difficult to feel or experience joy, especially when there is so much suffering in the world and perhaps in our lives. And yet, without joy our hearts can become malnourished. So how might we feast on joy when we may not even have a crumb? We borrow it! Just like weContinue reading “Borrowing Joy Practice”

Box Breathing – Lovingkindness Style

Supportive Practice Box breathing is a popular practice for calming the body and mind, bringing yourself into ease. I find it to be a lifesaver when experiencing reactivity, anxiety, stress, cravings, anger, any type of disregulation (feeling uncentered or imbalanced).  Box breathing is VERY simple! It’s free! You have do it anywhere, anytime without anyoneContinue reading “Box Breathing – Lovingkindness Style”

The Return: A Mindfulness Poem

If I get still, I can hear it. If the mind settles down, takes a break from doing and moving back and forth past to future to past, stopping for a moment in the present, I can hear it. If the body releases its grip, breathes ease into the belly of butterflies, I can hear it.Continue reading “The Return: A Mindfulness Poem”

Savoring the Pleasant: A Supportive Practice

Supportive Practice You can use your mind to change your brain to change your mind for the better. Dr. Rick Hanson, author of Neurodharma and BeingWell Podcast I first learned this simple practice of savoring the pleasant from Dr. Rick Hanson. He writes and teaches about the cross section between neurobiology, mindfulness meditation, and psychology. Continue reading “Savoring the Pleasant: A Supportive Practice”

Week of Awakening – December 2021

Click on image to download; for personal use only Welcome to the last Week of Awakening. As we bring 2021 to a close this month, we are called upon to reflect on the life we’ve led and the life we want to lead. We can do that by grounding ourselves in the present moment, tuningContinue reading “Week of Awakening – December 2021”

Week of Awakening – November 2021

most images can be downloaded for personal use only Mindful Monday If you want to be mindful, you have to live in your body. Do not be fooled by the word “mind” in mindfulness. Perhaps the “fulness” is the embodiment of awareness – the mind of the body. I have come to learn through myContinue reading “Week of Awakening – November 2021”

Week of Awakening – October 2021

images can be downloaded for personal use only This week’s theme is Self-Compassion as Self-Care. I had the honor of talking about this topic with a group of high school seniors. To those of us who are way past that age, how might your life have been different if this topic was shared with you atContinue reading “Week of Awakening – October 2021”