Week of Awakening – September 2021

All pictures can be downloaded for personal use only. This week’s theme is HEARTMIND. When we begin to wake up to our lives, to truly know who is living our lives, we awaken the heartmind. The heartmind is our essence, our true nature, our innate goodness. It manifests as our ability to show up as ourContinue reading “Week of Awakening – September 2021”

Week of Awakening – August 2021

All photos can be downloaded for personal use only. I have just returned from my annual family trip to Mount Desert Island in Maine, the home of the majestic Acadia National Park. My husband, kids and I have been camping here since 2008. Here’s a post from 2018 – The Mountains Are Calling where IContinue reading “Week of Awakening – August 2021”

Week of Awakening – July 2021

All Images in This Post are Downloadable. Save & Share This week will focus on developing and deepening the formal practice of meditation. We will explore the postures of sitting, laying down and standing as well as movement such as walking. These four positions lend themselves to practice meditation anywhere and anytime even if itContinue reading “Week of Awakening – July 2021”

Week of Awakening – June 2021

Click to View Kick Off Meditation via Instagram The Path to Heartfulness This week’s intention is to awaken the forgotten truth of our heart – that we are lovable, we are loving, and we are love. Heartfulness is simply being full of heart, being full of tenderness, warmth, kindness, care, LOVE. To walk the path ofContinue reading “Week of Awakening – June 2021”

Week of Awakening – May 2021

Click To View Kick Off Meditation & Brief Talk from IGTV For the next 7 days, I will post daily an offering to practice awakening the heart, to growing our voice – inner and outer. These posts come as inspirational quotes, brief practices to try out, reflections, stories to support your inquiry into growing fromContinue reading “Week of Awakening – May 2021”

Week of Awakening – March 2021

Teachings to Awaken the Heart To begin this month’s week of awakening, I guided my first Instagram live meditation.  It pushed me to my edge of comfort, especially when I accidently invited my mother to join and it took me almost 2 minutes to figure out how to remove her. Imperfection is inevitable, a lessonContinue reading “Week of Awakening – March 2021”

One Minute Meditation

Simple Supportive Practice (SSP) Being mindful means staying present in this moment as it is, moment after moment, rather than daydreaming, ruminating, or being distracted. The sustained present-moment awareness of mindfulness is easy – for a breath or two in a row. The key is to stay mindful – which, as much research has shown,Continue reading “One Minute Meditation”

We Hear You! – A Compassionate Response

A Wisdom Walk Insight As I went on a Wisdom Walk this morning, I kept hearing these words echo throughout my mind. As I walked, I allowed these words to be felt in my body and enter my heart. What was it about these words and the context in which they were shared that hadContinue reading “We Hear You! – A Compassionate Response”

Week of Awakening – February 2021

Teachings to Awaken the Heart For the first week of February 2021, I shared a daily post on both Instagram and Facebook. Each day of the week was given an alliterative name and was accompanied by a mindful musing and/or practice. Below you will find these posts. It is my hope that these support youContinue reading “Week of Awakening – February 2021”