Relational Mindfulness Mentoring

The quality of every relationship we will ever have begins with the quality of our relationship with our self. Having a committed and compassionate relationship with our self means staying present to our experience of life without turning away when it gets difficult. It means learning to trust our authentic self over our conditioning. ItContinue reading “Relational Mindfulness Mentoring”

The 4Rs: A Heartfulness Practice

download jpeg as a reminder Sometimes we just need to a moment to gather our attention, to take a break from the pressure to keep moving, doing, producing, performing. Do you ever just want to Rest? Even when we hear the voice There’s no time to rest, it’s essential to our wellbeing to ignore this voiceContinue reading “The 4Rs: A Heartfulness Practice”

Box Breathing – Lovingkindness Style

Supportive Practice Box breathing is a popular practice for calming the body and mind, bringing yourself into ease. I find it to be a lifesaver when experiencing reactivity, anxiety, stress, cravings, anger, any type of disregulation (feeling uncentered or imbalanced).  Box breathing is VERY simple! It’s free! You have do it anywhere, anytime without anyoneContinue reading “Box Breathing – Lovingkindness Style”

Hand in Hand Practice

Supportive Practice Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash Pause and find a comfortable posture Take a couple of deep breaths to settle the body and mind Contemplate this question – what is one thing in your life that you can rely, that is constant in your life, that is always present for you regardless ofContinue reading “Hand in Hand Practice”

The Return: A Mindfulness Poem

If I get still, I can hear it. If the mind settles down, takes a break from doing and moving back and forth past to future to past, stopping for a moment in the present, I can hear it. If the body releases its grip, breathes ease into the belly of butterflies, I can hear it.Continue reading “The Return: A Mindfulness Poem”

Savoring the Pleasant: A Supportive Practice

Supportive Practice You can use your mind to change your brain to change your mind for the better. Dr. Rick Hanson, author of Neurodharma and BeingWell Podcast I first learned this simple practice of savoring the pleasant from Dr. Rick Hanson. He writes and teaches about the cross section between neurobiology, mindfulness meditation, and psychology. Continue reading “Savoring the Pleasant: A Supportive Practice”

Week of Awakening – December 2021

Click on image to download; for personal use only Welcome to the last Week of Awakening. As we bring 2021 to a close this month, we are called upon to reflect on the life we’ve led and the life we want to lead. We can do that by grounding ourselves in the present moment, tuningContinue reading “Week of Awakening – December 2021”

Week of Awakening – September 2021

All pictures can be downloaded for personal use only. This week’s theme is HEARTMIND. When we begin to wake up to our lives, to truly know who is living our lives, we awaken the heartmind. The heartmind is our essence, our true nature, our innate goodness. It manifests as our ability to show up as ourContinue reading “Week of Awakening – September 2021”

Week of Awakening – August 2021

All photos can be downloaded for personal use only. I have just returned from my annual family trip to Mount Desert Island in Maine, the home of the majestic Acadia National Park. My husband, kids and I have been camping here since 2008. Here’s a post from 2018 – The Mountains Are Calling where IContinue reading “Week of Awakening – August 2021”

Week of Awakening – July 2021

All Images in This Post are Downloadable. Save & Share This week will focus on developing and deepening the formal practice of meditation. We will explore the postures of sitting, laying down and standing as well as movement such as walking. These four positions lend themselves to practice meditation anywhere and anytime even if itContinue reading “Week of Awakening – July 2021”