Trippin’ Over Rocks – A Poem

Day after day
Trippin’ over rocks
Sometimes I forgot
My own two feet.
So I stand up tall
Touching the Earth
Rooted deep
Like an ancient oak tree
In search of stability.

Truth be told –
I keep trippin’ over rocks
Day after day
The mind forsaking me.
So I slow my pace
Take a break from the race
To tend to each step
In search of awakening.

Yet, I keep trippin’ over rocks
On a path
Envisioned in the past,
A conditioned mind
Keeping me blind.
This time,
I listen to the wind
As it wrestles through the leaves
Of the rooted oak tree
Breathing in the wisdom
To let this search be.

For a moment I feel free
Skippin’ over rocks
Breathing a sigh of relief
Ah, my life is finally at ease!

Then it happens again,
Trippin’ over rocks
A deep wound bringing me
To my hands and knees.
Blurry eyed I may be
I still notice a sapling
Pushing through the dirt
And I laugh loudly
Ah, the insanity!

Picking up a rock
I hold it tenderly
And thank the Earth for the insight
It continues to bestow upon me.

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