Inner Courage


In the middle of my walk, snowflakes started to fall. My mind shifted from ease to hesitation. I did not want to slip. As I tuned into my body, I began to feel how my feet gripped the ground. I trusted in my body’s knowledge of how to adapt my pace to ensure my safety.

I smiled as I turned to look at my shoe prints in the snow because this experience is analogous to walking our life’s path. Trusting ourselves, listening to our inner voice that knows what’s best for us, is essential to our well-being, to our safety, to living authentically and wholeheartedly. And yet, doubt can fall like snow causing our paths to feel slippery.

So then what? Mark Nepo shared during his Sunday webinar, Finding Inner Courage, this Lakota saying, “The longest journey you will make in your life is from your head to your heart.”

And this is where trust resides, in the heart. This is where courage and compassion are cultivated. All of which steady us so we may continue to walk even when it’s slippery.

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