Gratitude: A Two Minute Practice

A Simple Supportive Practice (SSP) Try this brief practice as part of your formal meditation practice or as a daily practice. It can be as long or short as you want it. I have found it particularly useful to do after a long day. The Practice Pause. Take a full deep breath in drawing theContinue reading “Gratitude: A Two Minute Practice”

Cultivating Connection: Sharing Joy

Welcome to the last session of the Engaged Mindfulness Meditation group talk series. For a quick recap, the first two sessions focused on cultivating courage – building the foundation of a mindfulness practice. The next four weeks focused on cultivating compassion – strengthening our capacity to turn toward suffering, our own and others. We reliedContinue reading “Cultivating Connection: Sharing Joy”

Cultivating Connection: Growing Gratitude & Generosity

Welcome to the seventh week of the Engaged Mindfulness Meditation talk series. This week begins the two week focus on the theme of cultivating connection with this talk and two meditations exploring the practices of gratitude and generosity. The previous six weeks has been a journey of building and strengthening both our mindfulness practice andContinue reading “Cultivating Connection: Growing Gratitude & Generosity”