We Hear You! – A Compassionate Response

We Hear You

As I went on a Wisdom Walk this morning, I kept hearing these words echo throughout my mind. As I walked, I allowed these words to be felt in my body and enter my heart. What was it about these words and the context in which they were shared that had them on repeat?

Last night at a school community meeting, these words were spoken in response to the expressed frustration of many parents. What I realized on my walk was that I found these words heartening because they are an example of how we can take a step forward together – through listening and responding with compassion.

This pandemic has exhausted communities. So much suffering seen and experienced in unimaginable ways. No one is spared. For parents, the fear of long term effects on their children can be overwhelming and provoke anger. I am with you!

In this exhaustion, our ability to manage frustration, overwhelm, anger skillfully can shrink. You are not alone if this is you. It takes courage to acknowledge what is true for us right now and to ask for support.

May these words, “We hear you!” be a calling for us all! A calling for more compassionate responses to our inner turmoil, to the reality of our current situation, to the unknown future, to our families and communities, and to those who feel unseen or unheard.

I know this post won’t magically change policies, end the pandemic, or limit the impact on our children. Nonetheless, WITHOUT compassion we become the car spinning it’s wheels in the mud eventually running out of gas. These words uttered are the people that help push the car back on the road where it can pick up others who are stuck.

Hop in, my friend! I hear you!

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