The Return: A Mindfulness Poem

If I get still, I can hear it.

If the mind settles down,

takes a break from doing

and moving back and forth

past to future to past,

stopping for a moment in the present,

I can hear it.

If the body releases its grip,

breathes ease into the belly of butterflies,

I can hear it.

That far away voice,

like the old friend who recognizes you in the crowd

and calls out – Hey, you! Wait up!

And as you’re about to turn around,

attention drawn to that voice,

you’re swept away by the frenetic pace of passersby.

Not this time. This time I stop in the middle of the hustle.

Close my eyes and listen for the direction of the voice.

Even as the demands of the mind yank me backwards and drag me forwards,

I return to stillness. Again and again.

I listen to the voice calling my name.

It feels important.

Welcoming this voice to reach my heart.

And then it happens.

I catch up to me. 

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