The Mountains Are Calling: Come Nurture Courage, Compassion & Connection

The moment I drove onto Mount Desert Island in Maine, the home of Acadia National Park, my entire body tingled with the excitement of seeing and experiencing nature’s beauty and the challenge of exploring her varied terrain in hiking boots. So far this summer, I have explored three National Parks.  And I am so grateful!!!Continue reading “The Mountains Are Calling: Come Nurture Courage, Compassion & Connection”

Growing Kindness in Schools

“You clearly have the capacity to be kind,” my 5th grade daughter’s principal reads from his moving up ceremony speech. “Yes!” I wanted to stand up and cheer. Kindness is a capacity, a skill, that we can cultivate and strengthen through practice. Children learn early on the value of kind thinking and actions through watchingContinue reading “Growing Kindness in Schools”

Celebrating Connection: What Grannie Taught Me at Her 100th Birthday Party

Throughout history, the image of a grandmother has been one of a wise old woman who holds the family together while teaching important life lessons. At least once a month I can be heard saying, “As my grandmother says, ‘Put up or shut up.’” Yes, my grandmother taught me to either do something or simplyContinue reading “Celebrating Connection: What Grannie Taught Me at Her 100th Birthday Party”

Growing Kindness in Our Families & Classrooms

Try to perform a simple act of kindness every day ~ Sharon Salzberg   Last year on Thanksgiving, my kids and I created a December Acts of Kindness Calendar. My hope was to cultivate kindness in my children. This experiment turned out to be an effective way for me to talk about kindness with myContinue reading “Growing Kindness in Our Families & Classrooms”