How to Cultivate Compassion in 12 Words

Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it. ~ from Mary Oliver’s poem Sometimes How does one cultivate compassion? Why should we even bother? Mary Oliver answers these questions in just 12 words. If we read between the lines we will find the beautiful gifts we give and receive from compassion cultivation.Continue reading “How to Cultivate Compassion in 12 Words”

Lovingkindness Notes – Opening Our Hearts

Posted next to my front door is a postcard I received from attending a retreat led by Sharon Salzberg. The postcard reads, “Do a simple act of kindness everyday.” I placed it here so that I have the constant reminder to choose kindness, to embody it, to live it.  As I have spent these pastContinue reading “Lovingkindness Notes – Opening Our Hearts”

Growing Kindness in Schools

“You clearly have the capacity to be kind,” my 5th grade daughter’s principal reads from his moving up ceremony speech. “Yes!” I wanted to stand up and cheer. Kindness is a capacity, a skill, that we can cultivate and strengthen through practice. Children learn early on the value of kind thinking and actions through watchingContinue reading “Growing Kindness in Schools”

Growing Kindness in Our Families & Classrooms

Try to perform a simple act of kindness every day ~ Sharon Salzberg   Last year on Thanksgiving, my kids and I created a December Acts of Kindness Calendar. My hope was to cultivate kindness in my children. This experiment turned out to be an effective way for me to talk about kindness with myContinue reading “Growing Kindness in Our Families & Classrooms”