Cultivating Courage: Finding Refuge in the Body & Breath

This is the first of an eight talk series on engaged mindfulness and compassion practices. Frank Ostaseki, co-founder of the Zen Hospice Project and author of The Five Invitations, shares, “The object of meditation isn’t to change ourselves, to throw out the old and bring in the new. It’s about making friends with ourselves, meetingContinue reading “Cultivating Courage: Finding Refuge in the Body & Breath”

Why Practice Mindfulness & Compassion During These Challenging Times

Welcome! Thank you for joining me as I share with you some reasons to practice mindfulness and compassion during this time of global crisis and societal change. Throughout this talk, we will engage in brief and simple practices that can  be used immediately. To move into a space of exploration, let us begin with aContinue reading “Why Practice Mindfulness & Compassion During These Challenging Times”

Showing Up For Life: Daily Intention Setting

Today, February 19th, marks six months since I started writing down a daily intention. The truth behind the maxim “what we practice gets stronger” has moved from intellect to embodiment for me. In August, my daughter came across a a 5 year memory journal at a gift shop. I had been exploring the power ofContinue reading “Showing Up For Life: Daily Intention Setting”

Meditation On Vacation With Kids

My family and I have begun our first day of vacation. I have always found maintaining my meditation practice on vacation with kids to be particularly challenging. This vacation I have vowed to meditate every morning. Well, if you saw me this morning, you would have seen someone quietly sitting on the hotel couch withContinue reading “Meditation On Vacation With Kids”

Offering Compassionate Presence

Compassion is not passive. It is a recognition of suffering – the quivering of the heart – followed by the motivation to do something about it. Yet, there are times we cannot take away the suffering. Think about someone you know who was upset, sad or frustrated. You recognized their suffering and the feeling ofContinue reading “Offering Compassionate Presence”

“What if this right now was enough?”

“What if this right now was enough?” is the question Anne Cushman, one of the four amazing mindfulness meditation teachers leading the 7 day silent retreat, asked as we began the week. This question became a seed planted in my heart, cultivated through 7 days of embodied mindfulness practices. The question became my guide throughContinue reading ““What if this right now was enough?””

Trippin’ Over Rocks – A Poem

Day after dayTrippin’ over rocksSometimes I forgotMy own two feet.So I stand up tallTouching the EarthRooted deepLike an ancient oak treeIn search of stability. Truth be told –I keep trippin’ over rocksDay after dayThe mind forsaking me.So I slow my paceTake a break from the raceTo tend to each stepIn search of awakening. Yet, IContinue reading “Trippin’ Over Rocks – A Poem”

The Echo of Kindness

Standing at the edge of the mountainTwo hands cupped around my mouth, Where do I belong? I shout.Right here! The echo returns.What is my purpose? I call back.To love! The echo singsAs the chirp of the birds,The rustling of the trees,The dance of the clouds Gently move my hands from my mouth to over my heart. TheContinue reading “The Echo of Kindness”

Busy Mind, No Time? Try the Toasting Waffles Meditation.

Every morning my son loves to eat toasted waffles. It takes about 6 minutes for these frozen waffles to be ready for consumption. Some days I find myself standing there, gulping my coffee trying to wake up, zoning out or micro-managing everything. It dawned on me the other day that these 6 minutes are anContinue reading “Busy Mind, No Time? Try the Toasting Waffles Meditation.”

Carried by a River of Kindness

The inner critic, who lives inside all of us, can be quite pushy. My inner critic has become tamer as I deepen my mindfulness and compassion practice. While she may not bully me all day long anymore, her claws still attempt to wound me at times. Sharon Salzberg teaches that, “Mindfulness helps us get betterContinue reading “Carried by a River of Kindness”