Week of Awakening – June 2021

Click to View Kick Off Meditation via Instagram The Path of Heartfulness This week’s intention is to awaken the forgotten truth of our heart – that we are lovable, we are loving, and we are love. Heartfulness is simply being full of heart, being full of tenderness, warmth, kindness, care, LOVE. To walk the path ofContinue reading “Week of Awakening – June 2021”

Week of Awakening – April 2021

Click to view the Kick Off Meditation from March 31st via Instagram Live Follow along for the next 7 days for short teachings on practicing and applying mindfulness and compassion in our daily lives. The intention is to encourage and inspire each of us to remember to wake up to our precious lives, to uncoverContinue reading “Week of Awakening – April 2021”

How School Drop-Off Became a Mindful Parenting Moment

When my first child was around 2 yrs old, we were in line for coffee and they were singing in their stroller. A person behind me said that when a child sings you know they’re happy. This has stayed with me and every time I hear one of my kids singing, I smile and getContinue reading “How School Drop-Off Became a Mindful Parenting Moment”