Compassion Cultivation: A Poem

Compassion Cultivation Underneath the radiant sun peeking through the thick foliage, I sit. The small ripples of the water kiss the edge of the land. Within the calming swish of Somes Sound, I meditate Inhaling the suffering of all who feel alone and unworthy. I see a woman crawling from exhaustion, caught in a tornadoContinue reading “Compassion Cultivation: A Poem”

Growing Kindness in Our Families & Classrooms

Try to perform a simple act of kindness every day ~ Sharon Salzberg   Last year on Thanksgiving, my kids and I created a December Acts of Kindness Calendar. My hope was to cultivate kindness in my children. This experiment turned out to be an effective way for me to talk about kindness with myContinue reading “Growing Kindness in Our Families & Classrooms”

The Courage to Be With Suffering

Currently, I am reading Pema Chodron’s book The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times.  Her words remind me that we all experience difficult times in our lives. This is a part of being human. She also illustrates through her beautiful discussion of loving kindness and compassion meditation practice that to liveContinue reading “The Courage to Be With Suffering”

Skipping Happily: A Mindfulness Lesson

As I walked home today from dropping my son off at school, I passed my neighbor and her daughter. This little girl in her flowery dress was skipping happily alongside her mother. I felt a moment of joy when I caught her smile and her little bouncy skip after skip. I thought, Now that isContinue reading “Skipping Happily: A Mindfulness Lesson”

Bringing Compassion into Education: Recovery & Reading the World

The school year has begun for those of us with children, for those of us who are students, and for those of us who are teachers.  The relationships between children, teachers and parents are a central focus of my education research and the catalyst for transforming my career in education. This is partly the reasonContinue reading “Bringing Compassion into Education: Recovery & Reading the World”

Meditation: Revealing Our Relationship to Experience

In her newly released book Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection, Sharon Salzberg poignantly writes, “[M]editation does not eradicate mental and emotional turmoil. Rather, it cultivates the space and gentleness that allow us intimacy with our experiences so that we can relate quite differently to our cascade of emotions and thoughts. That different relationship is whereContinue reading “Meditation: Revealing Our Relationship to Experience”

The Beauty of Self-Compassion

This is a short essay I wrote as part of an application to the Cultivation of Compassion Teacher Training program through the Compassion Institute. I am still awaiting notification of acceptance. (Update: I have completed the program on May 6, 2018!) Tara Brach writes in her book Radical Acceptance, “Our suffering becomes a gateway toContinue reading “The Beauty of Self-Compassion”